Dr. Simon Moss


I consider myself to be a local. I grew up in City Beach, graduated from the University of Western Australia and choose to live close enough to the practice that I don’t need a car.

I have worked at Glen Street Practice since 1999 and am the business owner. I divide my time between seeing patients and attending to the administrative aspects of the business.

I enjoy the special nature of general practice, the connection with the community and the ongoing relationship with the patients unique to this specialty. The challenge is the almost unlimited scope of what patients can present with but that is also why it is always interesting. I host medical students at Glen Street – some of whom will become the next generation of family doctors.

I see all types of general practice patients but I am interested in skin diseases and spend some time each week doing biopsies, cryotherapy and skin surgery for skin cancers and the like.

Outside the surgery I can be found on the tennis court or on my bike for some fresh air and fitness.

Many of my patients know I disappear to France for a month in the middle of each year. My partner and I have a small property in the heart of L’Isle sur la Sorgue, a lovely town of waterways, waterwheels, markets and antiques in Provence. This has been an interesting venture and I am now a dab hand at French plumbing.