Skin Checks

A person's back, which is covered in freckles from the sun

Skin cancers can be prevented and can also be treated effectively

Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world with 2 of every 3 Australians developing skin cancer?

Perhaps you are concerned about a new spot or changing spot on your skin or someone else has even noted a new or odd spot on your own skin. This is why everyone who lives in this beautiful country needs regular skin checks and depending on your skin type, you may need even more checks.

Why a skin check?

At Glen Street Practice, we are dedicated to making the skin checking process as quick and painless as possible. On average, a skin check only takes about 15- 30 minutes. This check can cover 1 or 2 smaller spots or even your entire body, as skin cancer can show up in the most unusual places. That’s why a thorough check is important.

As a patient, you can put your mind to rest knowing you are in the care of true professionals. Our doctors are great communicators who will ask questions, listen and then carefully explain to you any details or information required.